You Have Vacancies. We Have Candidates.

As an extensive full-service recruitment consultancy, Exclusive People provides all of the following specialized placement services:

  • Permanent staff.

  • Contract and temporary staff.

  • Executive search / headhunting of organisational leaders.  

Our staff members individually focus on particular areas of specialization, enabling unique insights into the different sectors for whom we provide a tailor-made service.

Summary of Recruitment Service Provision
Prior to the appointment of preferred candidates, Exclusive People will have:

  • Agreed to the job specifications for vacant positions;

  • Developed and placed draft and final approved advertisements for vacant positions;

  • Thoroughly searched our own database, and other-related organizations, for suitable candidates;

  • Performed in-depth (90 to 120 minutes) initial interviews on all short-listed candidates;

  • Produced comprehensive competency-based interview reports on all short-listed candidates;

  • Compiled competency-based reference reports on preferred candidates;

  • Provided selection panels with balanced scorecard assessment tools;

  • Verified the academic qualifications of preferred candidates;

  • Verified the criminal record status of preferred candidates;

  • Authenticated the South African citizenship of preferred candidates; 

  • Provided selection panels with competency-based panel interview guides;

  • Negotiated the remuneration and start dates of preferred candidates.   

Executive Search Activities

The sourcing of good quality candidates, particularly for senior and highly specialized positions will include:

  • In the case of senior and / or specialized vacant positions, undertaking rigorous research of the direct and related sectors from which suitable candidates might be sourced, including the names and nature of business of organizations, the names of their key executive personnel and designations, and potential candidates’ background and contact details;

  • Identifying the names, designations, background experiences and contact details of people within identified organizations suitable for appointment to the employer;

  • Discretely contacting and approaching searched candidates and outlining the employer opportunities;

  • Setting up further recruitment activities, particularly initial interviews with searched candidates;

  • Thereafter, applying the same rigour in selection to searched candidates as to those who otherwise applied for vacant positions at the employer.